Spikemark 5

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Spikemark software is the intelligent force behind our system - and key to our success. Spikemark allows you to write and run cues for your Stagehand ApprenticeStagehand Pro, or Stagehand FX that perform complex motions at the click of a button. We designed Spikemark to be affordable yet remarkably intuitive, focusing on easy-to-use functionality for elegant automation. When we set out to design the Spikemark automation software, our goal was to eliminate the frustrating limitations of other programs. Today, Spikemark has left the competition in the wings with its inviting, easy-to-use interface and simplifies yet detailed programming. With Spikemark, you'll be orchestrating elegant scenic automation in no time! Find out more about the specifics on our Spikemark page.


Spikemark is a free download. With the new Simulator, you don't need any machinery to write cues and run a show. Grab it today and have fun!

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