Face Mask - Easy View

$ 20.00

The Easy View combines a comfortable close fitting sports jersey face mask with a clear vinyl panel to allow Hard of Hearing, Deaf individuals to read lips of the wearer to better communicate. It can also be used when interacting with Special Needs adults and children who may find it easier to see facial expressions of others when communicating. Great for family members, teachers, therapists, non emergency health care providers, and public service members. 

The Easy View is made with clear vinyl and two layers of performance wicking sports jersey. The wicking fabric helps disperse the moisture build-up inside the mask, making it comfortable for extended wear. For best results treat the inside of the vinyl panel with a lens safe anti-fogging spray or apply a very thin layer of dish soap. 

Easy View measures 8.5" wide x 3.5" tall (flat).

Available in one size that will fit most adult faces. If you need a smaller size for little faces consider the Easy View Petite which measures 7" wide x 3" tall (flat).

Please select Head Ties with Cord Stop or Adjustable Elastic Ear Loops.

Automatic 10% discount off 3 or more masks. Please call for details on our excellent pricing for institutional bulk orders. 

Fiber Content: Vinyl, Polyester, Polyamide, Lycra
Care: Hand wash gently with mild dish soap in warm water (no wringing), hang dry. Do not machine wash or machine dry. Spritz or wipe with alcohol to quickly clean between washings.

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